Laseronics is a US based Lasershow company with office in the USA, Cairo and Dubai. Our offices in the MIddle East serve you with any needs for your corporate event, Festival or private party. We use solid state lasers with the newest scanning technology and the best software in the world to guarantee the best possible outcome for your event.

3D projection mapping has recently emerged as one of the coolest forms of advertising, with big companies projecting beautiful 3D video displays on buildings around the world and sharing their campaigns on the web. 3D projection mapping has become something of a recent obsession for everyone as well as for the advertising world.

Generating extra buzz around marketing campaigns worldwide is 3D projection mapping, a relatively new technology that animates stationary objects with 3D video. With added sound effects and music, the result is a remarkable and immersive experience.

Projection mapping can provide a great double whammy if used right, because you get a great live event, followed by a compelling video and PR opportunities.